We are just an ordinary digital marketing firm in Kochi, but what makes us different is that we don't let our clients settle for just the ordinary digital marketing services and just the ordinary results that follow ! Rawdot is just a bunch of stubborn minds with nothing but some good years of experience and a will to make it big for its clients. For us the growth of our clients and our students is the growth of us.

As one of the growing and the best digital marketing agency in Kochi, we have a long way to go. We have a combined experience of more than 10 years in digital marketing field. We have a team that consists of thinkers from all the possible directions. A digital marketing agency is never a person alone, its a collection of minds and ideas. We are here to always help you in all of your digital marketing conquests.

One Door For Your All Needs

Rawdot is the one stop for all of your Digital marketing needs. If you are doing a business and is on the lookout for creating a unique Identity for yourself then no-one does it better than us. We have a specialised team of digital marketing experts, the ones that never back down from anything. If you are a person who wants to get into the field of digital marketing we can make you reach there. We provide the best Digital marketing course in Kochi.

Some of the services that we offer are Digital marketing for your brand, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social media marketing and we also provide various courses for making you a digital marketing professional.


Bibi Thandumpurath Mathai

BIBI THANDUMPURATH MATHAI the Founder & CEO of Rawdot Technologies. He is a curious and self-motivated person who is looking for inspiring and innovative ideas to explore and work with this Digital World. He is a digital marketer, a digital consultant, and a digital trainer. He has been working with brands, creating unique and result-oriented solutions for more than 5-years now. Bibi has been reshaping and even building brands from scratch. Bibi mathew is the best digital marketer in Kerala, who has expertise in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Marketing, Google Ads (PPC), Content Management and Branding.

Each project is a new learning opportunity and brings in new possibilities. Bibi Mathew has worked with many brands, including multinational ones such as - Kalyan Jewellers, Happy Kid, Vismay ethnics, Briks Australis and more. Each strategy developed, ad run and a website turning up on the search results - everything is the result of Smart planning.

He started his Digital journey from 2016 onwards. Then, towards the end of the year,2020 bibi established a New brand named "Rawdot Technologies". A company that is purely devoted to help brands grow, realize their true potentials and earn more through digital marketing. Moreover, Bibi Mathew is Google Certified Digital Marketing Trainer. Taking a section to train students in various digital marketing-related courses. The company is running well with many satisfied clients and students who have excelled through the training.